vineri, iulie 03, 2009

Money - a way of life in this universe

Let's start with a conclusion and say "time means money". I think everybody knows what money are and what you can do with them. So you built up the idea, in your head, of what money are in this society and what is the reason of them here between us.

That's perfect, think as much as you can about money, cause this is what you gonna get - will say some very important writers in some very important books witch they wrote. It's nothing wrong about it you would say. You have a good opinion about it because this is what you want also, to win some money to have a good life. Basically we end up with the conclusion "time means money" but in another way and let's call it "better time, more money".

After that you end up in life pushed by events around you to go to a Bank and find all about this miracle = money = . They will tell you that you can take some, and you can give it back later, that you can save some, and also increase your account figure by doing that. So you think you could try also this system because it worked for others and you learned from them that money are a vital thing and is better if you have more of them. So in this case you have a flow of money witch means better life/time. More then that it's a global idea that you are as better as how money you worth. Let's call them money machines.

Fallow me a bit and after a while I'm gonna make my point. I'm just trying to build up the idea in your head.

On one hand money are a good asset around us and they have a purpose now as it had a purpose until now, they produced some ideas, they produced the knowledge of creating a product, the flow of products and the costs about producing it, the ideas to create balanced society's in areas of land in witch you have enough resources. I think that money, as the asset that we use in our life were as necessary in our history as finding and learning to control fire. Fire witch is also a resource but more important if you compare the impact that these 2 resources had throughout the history for mankind.

Let's take a short example of good use and bad use of fire as a resource during history. Let's imagine one tribe some millions of years ago that discovered and learned how to control fire. They first protected this new thing witch was helpful for them, they killed everybody that tried to take their fire or everybody that was trying to learn to control fire. After some millions of years it became so popular that everybody was sharing the knowledge and the wisdom of those people who "discovered" and learned to control a resource millions of years ago, and as a turnout during this period of time, the million of years, we learned so much about this resource that we built our entire world around it or with it's help. So as a comparison between these 2 different points on a historical line, it's that by trying to limit people from a resource will only stop a percent of population to understand and make a good use of it.

Those are only the differences of how you use a resource and it's limits between 2 different stages of understanding of what it can bring back.

So now we have a time difference between the most primitive resource that we created - fire - and the most recent one called - money -. Let's take this amount of time and project our evolution regarding the concept of money. So in this case we should wait another million years to see that we don't use a resource the right way, and we only create limits for others? Imagine what those people from the future, 1 billion years from now, will think about us, probably the same things that we think about those people who protected the resource that they had/invented for they own good.

And now if we take our story back as I said, we can only think that we don't know if by creating a resource that is so wanted and limit it by different meanings, we are making a good thing, because in reality, the reality it's not quite the way you see it or feel it.

So to make the link between "time means money", " better time, more money " and the money machine that we are, let's take it peace by peace and divide it and see it as raw as possible. 1 million years past and if I would think at it trough the eyes of economy, that means a lot of money, though only during the last thousand years.
The concept of better time, more money it's such an obvious outcome of our stagnation in evolution of understanding ourselves that it doesn't surprise me that we end up killing everybody that it's trying to take your resource (money) from you instead of learning how to use it in an efficient way. And this is true for every resource that it's limited ( fire, land, money, diamonds, gas, time ).

So the way I see it, this time that passed between the man who learned about fire and the man who learned about money, it's only a period of time in witch we made the same mistakes over and over again with every resource that has a value for us and we found it on this planet. And I can bet that this thing will happen also when we gonna find some resources in space. We gonna kill eachother, trying to keep it or use it only for the purpose that has for us, during that period of time.

It's only a matter of time before you can understand that this is only a bad usage of the concept of economy. Economy as it's roots it doesn't tell you how you can make money or that money are good or bad, but how you can use a resource.

So what did we learned today it's what we didn't learn during that million of years that passed between 2 different species of humans, species witch after that million of years are thinking that we are on the edge of evolution. We changed the way we act, we didn't change our way of thinking, unless we don't learn to take history as something to know and use then something to learn, we gonna be the same people that live in the tree and bite the one that comes to take his resource.

So you want to be surrounded by money machines or by people? I don't want to see myself like an animal that learned in 1 million years that I have to kill to protect myself because I'm myself a resource.

In another way of saying, money are just something that we invented for a reason, that we created because of some needs, during some period of time. Do you think we still need this money to go around in this universe or we gonna change our thinking to a more productive way of using this time that we have?

And you can also ask yourself what we should create or change in order to see an improvement on an imaginary projection of our future.

marți, iunie 30, 2009


So, let's let all the crap aside and try to understand that we all are evolved viruses on this planet. Do you need more facts then that we are all influenced by everything that comes in contact with us.

A disease it's only another virus that attacks the main big virus (the human kind). Even if the disease it's treated you will still have in your body the effects of the virus that changed you physically or/and psychically.

Besides the fact that even the oldest virus affects us, something else is more clear then ever the we are linked somehow with all the things that surrounds us, like plants, animals, etc. So let's cut the crap and be real, we are some evolved viruses witch have become aware of the cycle that took us here, during some billions of years.

But let's not stop here, let's go beyond that, and ask ourselves what we can do with all this power that we have. Some people thought about trying and go to another planet, to scatter the land with people there also, some people thought about going deep under the sea to try and live there, basically we would like to try everything that is possible. But what's the best outcome for us, which direction we should fallow. We are smart enough to think about the outcome of our decisions. We have our history that shows us the mistakes that we did, and not only. We should take in consideration that we make can change our future.

We are not entirely in control but we can control some of the things (elements) that are happening around, so in this case like we saw in any Hollywood movies that we have the capacity to do something and protect ourselves even when some disaster happens. If we have the knowledge, we have the tools, we have the power to do something and still we are fallowing the rules that other people set up during a period of thousands of years, during a time when they did not knew what will be the future, and during a time when they did not knew about what this planet can offer, and what's it's limits.

So, putting aside all the crap that we invented, religion, money, economy and the rest, only after that we gonna see the real status of our evolution as organism on this planet or on this universe.

During the last years everybody had on their lips the word "globalization", what it means? Actually it depends from witch point of view you look at it, if you gonna see this word trough the eyes of our system of life, so called society, in these days, we gonna probably think at an economic part of this word, but it's more than that. We don't go forward with this, how can you centralize a world in witch you still have wars, a world in witch you still know the meaning of the word "starvation".

We invented words for all the problems that we face but we didn't stop to think about a solution.
Think more about solutions then about problems. Let's change our life, let's talk ideas, instead of talking about people. Let's talk about way's to solve problems, not about how to make them worst. Let's build minds that can think for us, and take us on the edge of evolution, let's put a stop on this system that's creating workforce, that is using the brain power of people to make robots.

Think ideas.

joi, aprilie 02, 2009

Why are you, who are you?

I have some questions for myself and probably these questions were asked by each and everyone of you at one moment. Why are you? Who are you? Where are you?

During my life I had up's and down's like everybody, I felt love, I tried different feelings, I tried to make everything in my power to gain experience, to live my life. What is bothering me it's what is the purpose of this, what is the meaning behind all the actions we take, all the decisions we make?

What is behind this curtain of people, who is there to see us? Who is there to care about us, who is there to keep us so close, so distinct, so human.

Every time I look at the stars, I have the feeling that we are so fragile, so weak, so vulnerable to the things that are around us, and we don't understand that. How many times did you controlled the revolution of the earth, how many times did you felt the magnetic power that keeps you walking? How many times did you ever look at the sun and said "thank you"?

Why? because regardless of what you think we are more fragile that you even imagine. What if something happens to the moon? What if something happens to our sun, what if something happens to a basic rule of physic? Who created these rules, how come they are, what they are, what was before they appeared?

We concentrate to much on our lives and we forget that actually we don't know to much about ourselves, we don't know about what's keeping this universe together, we don't know if it was another universe before, we have such small knowledge about our body, about the body interaction with the mind. Basically what do we know about ourselves? What is the percent of knowledge that we have in comparison with what is to find out!

If something will happen and our equilibrium will be shattered, nobody will be alive to tell the story afterwards, who were we, what were we, where were we.

So if we born just to die, why do we keep this life alive?

miercuri, iunie 25, 2008

Did you ever asked yourself?

Did you ever asked yourself, what’s the difference between a man, and a man in loved? I found out today what happens when you are in love, it’s like every man, everybody when they have a normal life, they just live, everybody around them are behaving normal, but one day one guy comes to you and starts speaking without reason, he is trying to show you a fence, and he is trying to make you feel like that piece of fence it’s the most beautiful thing in this world, it’s the sun, the moon, the alarm of his clock in the morning, the thing that makes him wake up, and the thing that makes him going all day long, that that piece of fence, in a small town, somewhere in the mountains, that piece of fence is the world for him. Did you ever thought that this is possible? When you feel love, you have no reason, everything has another reason for you, the reason for you is her, the reason for living, the reason for explaining somebody on the street that the piece of fence it’s your love, and you tell your love that she is like a piece of fence. This is love, love is without reason, love is, love changes, love can change everybody, love can give you reasons, love, love can make you be unreasonable, to others near you, and love is when you look at your lover and you compare him with a tree, because every time you see a tree, and the leaves moving when the wind blows, and when you see every leaf in that tree, moving independent, when every move it’s like passion, when you touch somebody gentle, like the leafs are moving, they are touching with passion her face, and because you feel every poor of your body asking for passion, when you compare her with passion, you feel like the tree it’s her, you want to compare her with everything, because the world around you it’s her, actually she is your world. Did you ever asked yourself, what’s the difference between a man, and a man in loved?